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WHAT IS MySportJobs?

MySportJobs is a platform designed to connect qualified people with an interest in finding job opportunities in prestigious country clubs, sports centers, and hospitality management. Places that will comply with the law and Visa status for international students. Our platform allows networking with trustworthy club directors and head coaches in sports management, professional tennis management, hospitality, and business in general, reducing the time gap between employee and employer and ensuring quality service for the parties.  All the contacts MSJ offers through our consultation is a direct contact whom either of our founders has established a relationship with.


MSJ operates through the extensive network cultivated by its founders Armando and Ashley, who boasts a wealth of experience in the realm of sports and country club management across the most prestigious establishments, both nationally and internationally. Their adeptness in building valuable connections stands as the cornerstone of our operation. 


After the client apply, we will review your application and decide if you are a good fit for everyone involved. If accepted, there is a one-time consultation fee of $99  that covers the time spent familiarizing ourselves with your unique profile while also building your brand for our directors and business owners. With that, we aim to guide you through the intricacies of university compliance while preparing you to effectively represent yourself through our ethics and values. We pride ourselves on the goal of looking for good people at its essence, not just anyone. 


Our overarching mission is to be the gateway for others by bridging the gap between our recruiters and exceptional individuals, affording them the same opportunities our founders have been fortunate enough to experience. Our commitment is to create a fair and friendly ecosystem that facilitates these connections for the betterment of all.  

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recruiting process

The recruiting process for tennis coaches at country clubs varies depending on the club's needs. However, there are some general steps that many clubs follow when seeking to recruit new coaches. Below are the steps to get stared on your jorney.



  • Understand who we are, our process, and what we expect from you. (explore our website)

  • Take your time and fill out the form thoroughly.

  • The more you tell us about you, the better we can understand who you are as a human!

  • Wait for us to get back to you in 1-10 days.


  • Again! Understand who we are, our process, and what we expect from you. (explore our website). 

  • Sign the service agreement and send it back

  • Pay your one-time service fee of $99 (this assures us you are committed and we can start looking for your next journey)

**You will not be able to move on with having sent us your service agreement and the service fee back.



  • We want to know what you need and expect from us.

  • Answer any question you have!

  • Talk about options for you and set an expected date on when we will know the place you will be going to.​

  • Get your infromation. (resume, refernces, etc.)

  • This will not be are only chat. We want to stay connected with you through out this journey and even after!

4. WORK Together

This is a team project, our job is to help you and get you connected. 

We need your help with-

  • Getting back to us in a timely manner (call, text, email).

  • Proving all of us the information we need and ask for.

  • Staying connected, follow us on instagram and linked in for the latest news.


You are now in action!

  • Arrive at your destination.

  • Get to know the club and other employees.

  • Meet as many people as you can and get lifelong connections.

  • Stay for the time period you committed to.

  • Enjoy your summer, work hard, and have fun.

**We will still be here for you; we always love to get photos and hear how it's going (we will follow up with you throughout your journey)."

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