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Where your footprint begins

Connecting ambitious young people with opportunities to excel on and off the field through summer jobs at exclusive country clubs across the USA.


MySportJobs is a platform designed to connect qualified people with an interest in finding job opportunities in prestigious country clubs, sports centers, and hospitality management. Places that will comply with the law and Visa status for international students. Our platform allows networking with trustworthy club directors and head coaches in sports management, professional tennis management, hospitality, and business in general, reducing the time gap between employee and employer and ensuring quality service for the parties.  All the contacts MSJ offers through our consultation is a direct contact with who one of our founders has established a relationship with.


The target audience of MySportJobs are students-athletes, coaches or individuals with an interest in finding job opportunities in prestigious country clubs, sports centers and hospitality management. We specialize, specifically, in advising high-level individuals, in recruitment processes that require specific skills related to the world of sports, specifically tennis, thus enhancing their maximum performance, improving their practices and developing their leadership and benefiting their professional future. With the same approach, we intend to benefit the clubs that represent us, providing them with quality employees, proactive and capable of generating greater benefits in the future, where we will be indispensable when reducing the time gap between employee – employer, providing a quality user experience and eventually rewarding themselves with higher income.

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1) See who we are and what we do
2) Fill out the application and take the quiz below. Email us your cover letter, resume and three reference letters (with full contact information as well as the relationship with your reference).
3) Wait to hear back from our team
4) Once accepted we will email you to set up an interview
5) Pay the $99 service fee (more info on payment here)
6) Set up a virtual meeting for process, expectations, and questions. If 20 years old or younger, parents must attend the first virtual meeting.
7) We will connect you with Directors who are important to us and who we think you fit with. We expect the ultimate respect and due diligence from each individual. 

8) Read and Sign the Agreement and contracts with MSJ. We will keep in touch and be with you until your contract ends!

9) Stay in contact with us for Ambassador opportunities such as referrals, and how to partner with MySportJobs and earn rewards. 

What are the benefits of going through this process?
1) Plant the seed for a potential career and open new doors
2) Make connections with high-intellectual individuals who are extremely successful in their careers
3 Learn how to deal with people of any kinds, ages, personalities, and backgrounds
4) Learn how to teach the sport you love
5) Become a life coach through your examples, not just a tennis coach: people will look up to you and your work-ethic

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