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Ashley brings more than 5 years in marketing and business development to MSJ. As COO she is responsible for all the behind-the-scenes work, as well as contacts, and keeps in touch with current and future interns to make sure they are on board through the process. Ashley is currently finishing up her Business Management degree with a minor in Finance at Montana State University. In her free time, she enjoys biking to work, hiking, swimming in the ocean, and learning Portuguese.

We will be with you for the entire process and can't wait to help you find your next sports opportunity. Let us explain to you how it works and take you through the first steps.


Armando started MSJ in January of 2023 with the purpose of giving opportunities he was given many years ago. As the CEO, Armando is responsible for the core of the business. He is responsible for contacting Directors and employers which then pairs up the correct leading MSJ client to the director's and employers’ needs. He uses the connections and relationships he has established throughout his journey to open the doors for the upcoming interns. Armando came to the US in 2017 and was able to graduate in May of 2022 with a double major in accounting and finance from the University of Mount Olive. In his free time, he enjoys competitions of all kinds from golf, pickleball, and tennis, while pushing himself to learn new languages, cultures, and more.

MYSPORTJOBS' generic goals:

  1. Ensure a highly qualified employee-employer connection, based on compliance with the law and ethical values.

  2. Decrease the time gap between employee and employer. 

  3. Help individuals avoid falling for scams, and breaking the law or code from its institutions due to lack of knowledge when first arriving in the country.

We want to help students and young adults be the best version of themselves on and off the court, make connections for life and teach them what hard works means and how rewarding it can be! 

We believe that making connections is key to a successful life:

  • Makes you more versatile

  • Find connections of a life time

  • Expose yourself to successful people that might be the answer for your career in the future

MSJ's goals towards the candidate:

  1. Be the gate you need to start your professional career and financial independence as soon as college begins. 

  2. Ensure that our contacts are highly qualified individuals and clubs. 

  3. Serve as the beginning of a career. 

MSJ's goal towards sports clubs:

  1. Ensure contact with highly qualified employees.

  2. Enhance the user experience, generating greater income in the future.

At My Sports Jobs, we are committed to empowering the next generation of leaders, guiding them on their journey through college with the power of sports. Together, we envision a future where students and young adults achieve academic success and grow as confident, responsible, and compassionate individuals, ready to make a positive difference in their communities and beyond.


A supportive community where students can build lasting connections and foster valuable networks for their future.


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