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This partnership brings Brazilian Student-Athletes per year for MySportJobs to provide services to. Before every season, there is going to be a selection of fewer than 5 clients who will be “mentored” by me, Armando. The mentorship is included in the fee that will be charged once the mentored gets a summer position. Mentorship is designed to guide and give tips to get them ahead of the crowd. Those with perseverance and willingness to do the extra mile will be referred by Gustavo or other trusted contacts and will be ahead by learning experience-driven subjects.


Daqui pra Fora has a soft spot in my heart as one of its main partners, Gustavo Zanette, gave me an opportunity to apply for his services and prepare me for my journey in the US. Gustavo was also a big part of mentoring and recommending me to Clayton Almeida, who was his college teammate at Winthrop University at the Men’s Tennis Team. Clayton had worked at the Meadow Club of Southampton, NY, for 15 years, and was departing the club in 2018, and needed a replacement. Gustavo texted Clayton saying that I did not even need an interview, as Gustavo believed I would do anything in my power to be the best tennis professional out there. Clayton, listened to his advice, and hired me.

With the opportunity given by the two of them, I not only was able to afford my first 2 years in college, but it opened doors to a world I did not know existed here in this country; the country club world. Following the two summers in Southampton, I accepted an offer to work for the Country Club of New Canaan, CT, where I worked for two summers under the leadership of one of the best humans, I have had the pleasure to work for, Andrew Louw. After these two summers and graduating from College in May 2022, I accepted a Head Tennis Professional position for the prestigious Edgewood Country Club in River Vale, NJ, where I worked until September 2022. Finally, I accepted an offer to work full-time for Broken Sound Club, Boca Raton, FL, through another opportunity referred by Clayton and Guilherme Scarpelli.

On January 17th, 2023, MySportJobs was founded with the goal to become the “Clayton and Gustavo” for thousands of student-athletes in this country who deserve to be aware of opportunities that can help them and their families to afford college, network, and help build who they are so that they get to know their path in what we call “the after-college world”. MySportJobs has currently given 12 summer job positions, with 2 full-time positions across the U.S. Our goal for the season of 2024, is to be able to get at least 30 great people to work for great clubs, network, and learn to become the best versions of themselves while earning their first paychecks.

This platform allows the application process to efficiently look for those who are fit to represent our ethical values and standards to successfully compete in this market and provide outstanding service and effort to our network. Before every season, there is a selection process of 5 people through impactful references and referrals who will be taken care of in a mentorship program with networking opportunities even before onboarding their country club internships and jobs


Daqui pra Fora is an educational consultancy that since 2001 prepares students for selection processes at universities abroad. All these years guiding young people and families is reflected in a deep knowledge of the journey of preparation, the internal processes that aim to guarantee the success of the project and a great understanding of the emotions that are part of this very important stage in the lives of students. For us, every care counts. Therefore, each family is guided by a multidisciplinary team made up of specialists who graduated from universities abroad and have years of experience. In this way, we guarantee that students and parents will have the knowledge and experience of those who not only understand the subject but have also gone through this experience.

“By having the opportunity to partner with MySportJobs, we aim to provide an even more complete experience for our clients as we embark in this journey with Armando and his team. His mission is truly a blessing to read as when I, Gustavo, worked with him, just wanted what was best for him, and thankfully, everything worked out. We are delighted to be able to work with his company and provide opportunities that will only enhance the lives of thousands of international student-athletes and their families.”


- Zanette, Gustavo, 7/1/2023.

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